the golden thread
of hymnn


We are nature. When we are in nature we can more easily connect to all of her wisdom. If we observe nature we can see the beauty of it. How beautifully designed nature is and how it has inspired so many of us to create the most amazing work. 

The sound of nature has its own unique frequency. It tunes you back into the rhythms of the earth. Our bodies are incredibly receptive to sound. It’s receiving sound and want to come into resonance with it. So it’s more than logical that being in nature invites us into our most natural and healthy balanced state of being. In nature we are able to hear and vibrate our own unique frequency more easily. To hear and connect to (y)our true song.

Nature invites us to slow down and connect
to our senses...


Our senses are not designed for this fast pace life of nowadays. When we slow down we become attuned to our senses and hear our inner hymn. HYMNN invites people to explore their senses in a conscious and inviting way, to tune in to how something makes them feel on all levels.

When we do this, it's easier to be with the 'not-knowing'...

not knowing

It’s a limiting belief that we can only understand something with our minds and that we know it all. There will be so much more potential to learn when we invite the not-knowing into the field or into our lives. If we can stay present with the not-knowing at some point insights, inspiration, ideas will flow to you.

HYMNN encourages to explore and experiment with how we perceive information, without holding onto it too tightly. By doing so, we keep the field, our mind & our heart open, allowing us to naturally receive the information we need in order to thrive. 

Not-knowing is where creativity sparks and the most innovative and life changing ideas originate from...


We value all forms of expression – the raw, the real, the things you feel – as they are essential to nourish the soul of our world. Creativity is an unique human skill that allows us to innovate, adapt, and solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of machines. By embracing creativity, we allow ourselves to fully experience the richness of being human, with all its emotions and complexities.

An important part of HYMNN’s community is the creative center. Engaging in hands-on art or using creative ways to explore complex situations allows us to step out of our minds, connect with our senses, see more clearly.

And really be present in the moment...


HYMNN invites people to become more aware of life. Being aware of life by slowing down, by intentionally and consciously designed (online & offline) places and work. In the now you are able to be aware of simple yet profound things. In the now is the only place you are able to feel, to notice, to learn and grow if you take the time to be present.

HYMNN invites people to make their own conscious decisions based on knowledge, (inner) wisdom and their unique design. HYMNN understands the complexity of ‘truth’ and would never claim to know it all. Your truth of today might not be your truth of tomorrow.

We have a deep understanding and curiousity towards everyones unique design...


Living your unique design means that you are attuned to your HYMNN. By living your unique design, you can tap into your innate potential and contribute to the world in a way that is most aligned with who you are.