- Edgar Cayce -

  1. HYMNN is a deep connection with oneself, others, and nature.
  2. Each person has a unique inner hymn with a distinct sound and frequency, a vibrational field surrounding us. By learning to communicate with this field, we can enhance our senses and understand their interconnectedness, as in nature.
  3. Being in tune with our inner hymn involves using all our senses to discern what is right or wrong for us and our environment, guided by our unique song.
  4. When everyone is attuned to their inner hymn balance naturally arises on all levels – personal, collective, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
HYMNN is a deep connection with oneself, others, and nature.

Nowadays most people are disconnected from themselves, each other and nature. The pace of life is too fast to connect, to feel, to use your senses in the way they are meant to. It’s difficult to access our inner wisdom, our true power. Living life disconnected invites dis-ease and dis-balance on all levels of life. 

HYMNN is as a lighthouse which guides and invites people to create a beautiful world. Its aim is to be a (online) sanctuary, inviting to slow down, to connect and to become aware of our need(s) to hear our own true song. When connected with our own melody we stand in our power and contribute to our own wellbeing as well as our environment. 

Although HYMNN has a clear dot on the horizon of creating a location-based community in the midst of nature, HYMNN is more than that. 

We are an active online community where we connect like-minded individuals and share personal journeys of discovering and of us following our own inner hymn. 

We offer courses and programs that are aligned with the foundation of HYMNN. 


Look at nature… just be… breath in, breath out and repeat

We believe the way we organize how we live and work together is a vital part of the foundation of HYMNN. How can we create an environment where our individual needs are met as well as the contribution to the community has its natural place?

Slowing down is a crucial part of working and living together. The connection with yourself is the basis. How do you feel? It’s important to know, as you bring this into the field, just like everyone else. It requires ownership. As soon as you are connecting with someone else, that person has an influence on you – and the other way around. Being curious about what changes when you connect with others, can give you great insights

Connecting with yourself also helps you to center yourself, to align yourself. To discern what you have to give attention to, what motivates you, what brings you into action and how you express this in life. If it comes from within, getting together in circles that share your interests will bring fulfillment, joy and a great sense of meaning in your life. Pioneering together while having fun!

Circles, all with different ‘themes’, different areas that are needed to build a harmonious and thriving tribe – community – company. You are invited to discern which circle(s) are for you to contribute, to learn, to grow and to co-create. Clarity about the dot on the horizon, the dream that you all feel, comes from within. 

Although this dream of HYMNN is received by us, Sylvia and Marcel, we believe that this dream could have been picked up by others as well. So it’s not only our dream, it’s a collective one. 

Allowing all circle members to express the dream in their own unique way. In case of any misalignment or blockages, getting together and opening up to inner work, constellations and rituals will bring back flow. All with the principles of non-violent communication. It ensures a safe field for all.

Co-creating like this is a blueprint for success. By trial and error with the commitment to be with the not-knowing, to sit with the uncomfortable, the willingness to go within, to explore, to learn and grow as individuals and as a circle

Nothing is set in stone. We believe that it will evolve over time. By living it and through experience. 

Introduction to the future vision of HYMNN.
Our dot on the horizon…

We are crafting a beacon on the horizon, a lighthouse for healthy and sustainable living that transcends borders and welcomes people from every corner of the world. Our vision is a symphony of nature’s wisdom and innovation

Imagine a place where innovation is invited, where 3D printing meets the Earth’s natural materials to build structures. Best of both worlds. We have a commitment to accessible and affordable housing and this is matched by our dedication to partner with the planet

Although we have not yet found our plot of land, we have partnered with the visionary architect Aisha Rose Melody Hassan to shape our vision into designs. These designs offer a glimpse into what HYMNN could become and makes it visible what’s needed in regards to the requirements of land. Guiding us on our quest for the perfect location. 

In our journey, we have crossed paths with the remarkable people at WASP (World’s Advanced Savings Project). Their mission aligns with ours – to construct zero/ low-cost housing with minimal environmental impact. Through the ingenious use of 3D printing and natural materials, primarily clay, they are pioneering a path towards a sustainable future. 

Picture the place itself – a sanctuary where gatherings and classes are taking place in a grand hall, where rooms for education, meditation, treatments, books are nestled around. The place offers incredible views as it’s elevated, overlooks water, and breaths nature’s beauty. A creative center sparks the imagination and creativity and invites a commitment for qualitarian products over quantity. Our food gardens provide us of nourishing and healing cuisine. A playground and various facilities encourage movement and play, and the natural swimming pool refreshes us. 

This is our vision of the HYMNN place – a vivid symphony of nature, health, innovation, beauty, community and conscious living. Join us on this inspiring journey, as we shape the world we envision step by step. We invite everyone that hears the call to join to be part of the HYMNN experience. 

Below you can find several images that helped us connect more easily to the vision of HYMNN.

Holding space for you to thrive

i see you

- Sylvia

My strong desire is to live in a modern house that is designed in a conscious and intentional way to make sure its risk of mold is zero. With the least amount of chemical and toxins possible. A house in the midst of nature and with the knowledge that we as a family of four live near other families that prioritize this as well. Challenging the status quo, paving a new path of how life can be lived differently

This desire grew in the last years as I was struggling with my health. No easy answers, no quick fix to get better. With the search for healing an entire new world of knowledge opened up to me. An eagerness arose to learn more about myself, about personal development & empowerment through rebalancing, energy clearing, (family) constellation and human design. 

A process unfolded. Teaching me that people pleasing was my way to be accepted by others. To ask myself questions like ‘what are my needs, values and desires?’ and honoring those, but still with the fear of the opinions of others. Slowly moving towards ‘you doing you’ and an inner knowing that the more I show up for myself, the easier it is to help others.

This journey taught me to look at health with wonder, curiosity and appreciation. Our bodies are designed so intelligently that we can’t even understand all the processes with our mind. Nothing that happens inside of us, is by error. Everything is connected and has a reason. In many ways imbalances are the body’s emergency generator kicking in trying to keep us alive. I believe, it’s about the question ‘what is weakening the body and creating chaos?’

Self-love is about a path of understanding my needs, my values and my heartfelt desires and healing the ‘blockages’ that prevent me from prioritizing those things in my life. It’s about seeing myself so that others can see the real me as well. 

I believe each person is unique. Through my (inner) journey I have collected many tools to unravel your uniqueness and to really be able to see you. Your true potential and the blocks that are holding you back to see or be that authentic Self. By living your unique blueprint, you contribute to your own well-being and that of the collective. 


*diving deep into ways we can build houses to reduce the risk of mold and to ensure a healthy indoor environment with the least amount of chemicals and toxins

*experimenting with Human Design as a tool to live my unique design

*creating, together with my close friend and business partner, an online training

*in love with all the new things that I’m learning by co-creating HYMNN

*in awe with how the website has turned out and how amazing the co-creation process was

My unique design:

I am a projector, profile 6/2. With the channel of Synthesis as my only channel, I am sensitive to the needs of others and feel fulfilled when there are met. However for the majority of my life, I have prioritized the needs of others above my own. This resulted in a burn-out around my 34th. Now learning to fulfill my own needs before attending those of others. This channel is so aligned with HYMNN, creating a (online) place where the needs of others can be met. 


- Marcel

I came across this motto on a sugar bag in Durban, South Africa in 2001 while travelling for 6 months with my close friend Wesley. This motto has led me taking several life changing decisions such as taking a long sabbatical with my family in 2018 and moving abroad to Melbourne and Bulgaria.

Based on our society’s norms, I had great success with many promotions at both KPMG and Heineken. But for me personally, the biggest success came from creating strong teams and the success of my team members by really understanding and leveraging their strengths, talents and needs.

The last life-changing decision was to resign from my CFO role at Heineken Egypt in May 2023. To fully focus on something new; building HYMNN.

Taking this decision wasn’t easy. I really loved my work, especially guiding each individual towards personal growth by recognizing their needs and talents. Although it felt really rewarding by impacting the people in my team this way, I also felt a growing need to expand this impact even further and prioritizing people and planet over profit. But at the same time, I also had to overcome my own doubts and fears. To quit something that felt comfortable and rewarding for me and to change that for the unknown.


*I realize that I’m not the right person to write texts for a website (within a few minutes I just fall asleep ) So pleased we finished this process for HYMNN now!

*diving into the world of 3D printing using natural materials. To meet with specialists in this field that are connected to the same dream. To learn, grow and create together. To innovate the way we build our homes using ancient techniques/ materials combined with new technology. 

*focusing on finding the right plot of land. Here in Bulgaria, but also in neighboring countries. 

*creating my (online) leadership course

*hosting men’s retreats in Bulgaria, inviting them to ‘come home to themselves’, guided by nature

My unique design:

I am a projector 2/4. Conditioned to work hard, to perform my best at all times. Both in sports and my working life. Learning now to slow down (love the hammock) and finding the inspiration and direction in that moment. Silence has so much wisdom to share. 

For all life changing decisions I made in my life, the direction I had to take were always loud and clear to me. Now following that inner authority to find the direction for HYMNN.


- Sylvia

I feel rich when...

* We, Marcel, Aimée and Bjorn and myself are exploring new things
* We are able to invite people into our home and give them a warm welcome and an amazing experience
* I have my alone time in the morning to connect with myself and do my
morning ritual
* I work with like-minded people that are passionate about their work
* We spend holidays with our families of origin
* I am having dinner in great company and with surprising food that I am able to enjoy instead of thinking about the food harming my body
* I learn new things (lifelong learning & constantly inspired to learn more)
* I step into a bed with newly washed linen
* I have quality clothes in my wardrobe (less is more)
* I am in a jewelry shop that designs my kind of jewelry (it’s a dangerous
situation though ;-))
* I am in nature
* I swim in natural water
* When I prepare and eat my own homemade bread

- Marcel

I feel rich when...

* I meet with inspiring people that make this world a better place
* I walk in nature
* I can decide how I spend my time
* I travel
* I play soccer with Bjorn at 4pm when he comes home from school
* When I read Harry Potter at night with Aimée
* I see that I have contributed to someone’s growth and well-being
* When I use my network to connect people with each other
* When I can light the fireplace on a cold evening in winter
* When I can strengthen my body through daily exercise