HYMNN itself is an invitation

HYMNN is there just like nature is. If you hear the call, you are invited to explore in what way or form HYMNN can be part of your journey.

HYMNN offers invitations online as well as on location and in different forms. All
contributing to HYMNN’s purpose.

We believe in the power of community. Together we have a bigger impact. By
collaboration with experts in each field, who are aligned with our mission, we strive to make this information available to everyone.


HYMNN ’s Academy

Leadership COACHING

Making your team thrive, while enjoying life

Change is accelerating at a faster pace than ever. Creating a safe space is a fundament for people to experiment and bring change. That’s why a more people focused leadership style is required for sustainable success. Marcel’s coaching for leaders says it all; Younique Leadership. By looking at the uniqueness of each individual to achieve the best results.

He’s had the pleasure of working in different countries, environments and cultures, but the common theme is that he has been build incredible coherent teams resulting in increased levels of engagement and delivery. 

Marcel loves to sharing this experience and create a ripple effect by enabling to get the most out of your team. Soon you will lead an engaged and empowered team while improving your work/life balance.


Nature - Adventure - Together 10-15 April 2024

Imagine spending several days in nature. Connecting with your body through challenging outdoor activities. Making your own campfire, sharing what’s present in your life and reflecting on it. Being together with other men who are willing to go within, to explore to make changes and to celebrate who we are.

Marcel has put together an adventurous trip for men who feel the desire to connect with nature, themselves and others. To slow down and reflect on certain aspects that are playing up in your life. We have activities and assignments that will guide you during the week. The campfire will be there to unite us in our stories, learnings and support.


Awakening the best leader in you

Following his life’s purpose: ‘Staying true to my authentic self and empowering others to do the same’ Marcel has created an online course with all his learnings on authentic leadership. His dream is to create an even bigger ripple effect by spreading his Younique leadership experience across the globe and empowering other to lead this change.

He shares his insights and methods that helped him become appreciated for his authentic leadership style in a corporate environment. He also interviews other visionaries and experts to take you on a magical learning journey.

This course will become available soon and if you’re interested in the progress you can follow Marcel on LinkedIn or Instagram


A journey of embodiement

The art of being you takes you on a journey of exploration into the essence of your being. Getting to know and understand your authentic self.

Sylvia & Anne Marieke will guide you through a program they created based on their own experiences using rebalancing, family constellation, energy work and Human Design.

All approaches form a wonderful synthesis in which embodiment plays an important role.

This program will be available in different formats (retreats, online program and 1:1 sessions)


Create your healthy indoor environment

There is a growing amount of people that are experiencing the harmful and negative effects of the many harmful products we are using nowadays. These people are the canary in the coil mines and let the rest of the world know through their symptoms of the toxic environment we live in.

In this program we take you on a journey to learn more about the ingredients of the products we use on a daily basis and replace these products for others if they contain toxins.

Taking it product by product so not to overwhelm you in this process. Each step is a step towards a more healthier environment. With the choices we make by spending our money on the healthier products we create the change, together.


In today’s society we are expected to work towards having our own home, a partner, children, a dog, a car and then even a bigger house and maybe a second car. If we manage that, we should be happy and fulfilled. But is this what really deeply fulfills you?


Are you curious to explore what HYMNN could look like for you? If so, we invite you on this guided meditation. Please feel free to share your vision with us.


By living according your unique design, you can tap into your innate potential and contribute to the world in a way that is most aligned with who you are. Are you ready to explore?