Because everyone is unique, you, your team members and I

Do you recognize one of the following situations:

• Do you feel that your team is not performing to its full potential?
• Are some team members disconnected from the rest of the team?
• Would you like to have more joy and fulfillment from your current job?
• Would you like to spend less time on hands-on things and rather work on strategic priorities or transformation?
• Would you like to have a healthier work-life balance for you and your team members?
• Do you have the ambition to become a people leader and develop towards it?
• Do you experience resistance to the change you would like to bring?

Change is constant and it has been accelerating at a faster pace than ever. Creating a safe space is a fundament for people to experiment and bring change. That’s why a more people focused leadership style is required for sustainable success. My coaching for leaders says it all; Younique Leadership.

With my guidance I'd love to share my learnings and insights to make you the best leader you can be.

I want to bring sustainable and long term results, no quick fixes. Therefore my programs run for 3-6 months.

What can you expect from my guidance:

• We’ll set a clear intention at the start of our program
• We’ll go through your desired outcomes and work towards it
• You’ll be given the tools to increase the engagement level among your team
• We’ll look at your leadership style and whether this actually suits you and the team
• We’ll analyze your team together to be able to lead more effectively
• My 100% dedication and energy
We will meet every two weeks for approx.1,5 hour.
• In between meetings you’ll have direct access for questions and updates via Whatsapp.

I will also connect regularly to check in with you. Emergency calls are possible if and when needed.

’’Imagine having a team that understands and appreciates each individuals’ strengths and talents. That they are all conscious of the part they and each one of them bring to the table. Each part unique and required for the team’s success.’’

What will I bring:

• A safe, inviting and friendly environment
• I ignite a true learning journey
Inspiring you to reach your full potential through constructive feedback and guidance
• My ability to identify people’s needs
• My enthusiasm for making the world a better place through human connections
• Leveraging my network when beneficial for you
• My ability to create structure from chaos
• My experience in forming and shaping high performing teams in different countries and cultures
• My big smile with a huge amount of energy, empathy and support

What outcomes can you expect?

• Clarity about the impact of your personal growth on the team’s performance
• Better work life balance for you and your team
• Increased level of harmony within the team
• Higher level of engagement of your team members
• An increase in employee satisfaction overall (we’ll actually measure this)
• More time to focus on strategic initiatives and transformation or change
• Higher chances of promotion and salary increase based on your performance

“I’m a Projecter by Human Design, I offer wisdom that can help you thrive. I’m attuned to you and I’m designed to ask the questions that help you self-discover.”

About me

I have always been eager to grab new learning opportunities and to stretch my comfort zone. I always had a clear vision what my next
direction in life should be. To move to Melbourne or to become a CFO for HEINEKEN in an operating company. But a cornerstone during all these adventures was the passion and desire to grow the people around me. This drive taught me so many skills, tips and tricks to achieve the highest level of engagement and performance in teams.

Based on more than two decades of experience working in multiple roles on three continents in four countries, I have been able to transform the
engagement and harmony levels in my teams in various circumstances and cultures. Within HEINEKEN I have been recognized for having the highest personnel satisfaction survey results within Finance. Both in
Amsterdam and Bulgaria ratings were above 90% on both employee
engagement and performance enablement.

Would you like to work in a highly engaged and empowered team?

What do I ask from you:

• Commitment to learn and develop.
• The willingness to be open and honest during this program
• Be prepared to have some fun along the way
• Prepare for our meetings as per our agreement

This program is not for:

• Leaders that are comfortable leading teams based on strong hierarchy
• Leaders that are not willing to look at their own development


My guidance will be tailor made based on your needs. The length and the price will be aligned on together.