Nature – Adventure – Together
10 – 15 April 2024

Back to your nature is for you if you

  • Want to explore Bulgaria’s rough and pure nature
  • Are looking for clarity and direction in your business or personal life
  • Want to learn what truly fulfills you in life
  • Long for some time & space for yourself
  • Like to experience some nice outdoor adventures.
  • Want to practice making fire by yourself
  • Are ready to leave your comfortable home to reflect on what you’re meant to manifest
If this appeals to you, you are not alone. In today’s society we are taught to strive for the ideal life. The perfect job, a big house, a family, a nice car or two, several holidays a year and the list goes on. Society tells us that we should want more and more. What if we take a step back? Breath in and out, connect with ourselves and ask ourselves the question ‘what do I need in life to feel fulfilled’? This is where our journey begins…..


Spending several days in nature. Connecting with your body through challenging outdoor activities. Making your own campfire, sharing what’s present in your life and reflecting on it. Being together with other men who are willing to go within, to explore to make changes and to celebrate who they are.

To experience brotherhood and togetherness in the rough nature of Bulgaria!

What to expect:

  • A safe space 
  • Spending time in the midst of nature
  • Activities, assignments to go within and to explore
  • My guidance in all activities we do
  • Adventurous outdoor activities 
  • Time for yourself
  • Sharing stories and insights around a campfire
  • The Support of a professional hiking guide 


  • You will fly to Sofia Airport directly from Amsterdam with the daily Bulgaria Air flight. Tailor made solutions are avialable when coming from different locations.
  • Transport, accommodation and all meals during the week are organized
  • You will receive a list with required gear well in advance

The cost of this journey is EUR 1.500 EUR (excl VAT and flight). Payment will be in 2 installments. 

With a valid VAT code you will not be charged VAT. 

I’ve experienced it so many times before. Time, nature and attention is a powerful mix of ingredients for magic to happen. To gain insights and learn lessons from your own process, but also from the others in the group. Hiking in the mountains, humbled by the sheer size and power of nature. It brings clarity and a renewed sense of focus on what actions you can take when coming home. A good reset of connecting with yourself, with the support of myself and the rest of the group.

Marcel has a passion for allowing people to grow, by seeing their uniqueness and inviting them to be their true self. To achieve this he’s an active listener and supports by providing constructive feedback and guidance.
Slavimir (Slavi) has an incredible passion for Bulgaria’s rough mountains. After spending 20 years living in the UK he could no longer resist the temptation to come back and live his passion as hiking guide.


This week is for men who

  • Feel the call to be closer to nature
  • Are looking for more fulfillment or clarity in their life
  • Like to go on an adventurous trip
  • Are open to go within, share and listen 
  • Want to make a change in their life
  • Like to explore what goals to set for themselves 
  • Are ready to have some fun

Sounds good right?

I’m going on a trip from 10-15 April 2024 and I invite you to join me on this men’s retreat in Bulgaria’s raw nature. Are you in?